Our Services

VRtron started off as an indie game dev and it remains primarily so. Years on the field have taught us how to hone our skills to work with industry tools and methods that allow us to weave together the big and final picture – our games.

New skill sets bring with them renewed perception, and this taught us to branch out and repackage our skills into customisable business solutions. So, on one hand we develop games – both independent ones and branded ones – and on the other we offer web design and development, post-production services, and other custom digital business solutions.

VRTRON Game Development

Game Development

VRTRON is a full-service game development studio specializing in cross platform development for online and mobile audiences. We’ve become a leader in custom game design by being committed to making fun, beautifully crafted, and immersive games that entertain generations

VRTRON Web Development

Website Development

As a burgeoning business or one that’s riding high on the wave, you know that the product or service you offer is only part of the story; the rest is how you present it to the world. It’s all about first contact, functional and alluring design, and user experience. This is why in the age of internet, your website is your digital business card and more to the rest of the world.


In today’s market, businesses rely a lot on design to enhance user interface and experience. This is why you want to put your best foot forward when appealing to new and old customers alike; you want your customers’ interaction with your business to look good and feel good right from the get-go.


Software as a digital business solution is often designed to cover entire industry needs by default. But there only a few businesses, perhaps none, that need the full range of functions. Practically, most businesses – especially startups just kicking it off – have neither the time nor the resources to invest in such solutions in their entirety.