Bundesliga expands eFootball tournaments across Asia with VBL International Series

April 3, 2019 in News

The Bundesliga has expanded its eFootball tournaments into Asia again this season, with the new Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) International Series held in Malaysia and India the latest competitions to provide international challengers for the upcoming VBL International Final in Germany.

Between 30 and 31 March over 10 hours of Bundesliga eFootball action was broadcast on Fox Sports, Astro Arena and eGG networks across South-East Asia, with FOX Sports host John Dykes commentating on eSports for the first time.

Viewers were able to follow Thailand’s ‘Wisumat’ guide his 1. FC Nürnberg side to victory in the VBL International Series South-East Asia Qualifier. Wisuwat won a total prize money of 5,000 Ringit (1,000 EUR) at the event which took place at the Battle Arena, Petaling Jaya in Kuala Lumpur. He will now represent South-East Asia at the VBL International Final which will take place in Germany in May.

Andrea Mengucci Wins $250,000 at Magic: The Gathering Arena Mythic Invitational

April 3, 2019 in News

Andrea “Mengu09” Mengucci, won the world’s first Mythic Invitational. He was playing a White, Blue, Black deck in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Mengucci is part of the Magic Pro League, the group of 32 top players from around the world that professionally play Magic: The Gathering and Magic: The Gathering Arena for a living.

“The first Mythic Invitational was fast, tense, and full of dramatic moments thanks to our brand-new Duo Standard format,” said Elaine Chase, Vice President of Esports at Wizards of theCoast.

 “We saw strong play from some of the best players in the world as we usher in a new era of Magic esports. Thank you to all our competitors, casters, and viewers who made this an unforgettable weekend. We can’t wait for fans to get even more Magic: The Gathering Arena action on Twitch when the Magic Pro League starts competitive streaming in May.”

In all, 64 players competed for a $1 million total prize pool with $250,000 awarded to first place,

and all participating players will take home a minimum of $7,500 – payout structured as follows:

1st Place: Andrea Mengucci (MPL) $250,000  
2nd Place: Piotr Glogowski $125,000  
3rd Place: Savjz $70,000  
4th Place: Ondrej Strasky $45,000  
5th – 16th Place   $12,500
17th – 64th Place $7,500  

The Mythic Invitational kicks off a series of competitions going throughout the year, and is the first competition played in Magic: the Gathering Arena. You can read about the upcoming events in 2019’s tournament play here

Magic: The Gathering Arena Launches $1,000,000 Tournament

April 1, 2019 in News

Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, has scheduled a tournament with a staggering $1 MILLION prize-pool for Magic: The Gathering Arena 

This new tournament, the Magic: The Gathering Mythic Invitational, took place this weekend. They will battle against one another for a prize pool of $1,000,000. Discover more about the Mythic Invitational here.

The event will be commentated in local languages on Twitch thanks to co-streaming leaded by local experts of Magic Arena.

Also introduced is the new cosmetic system: Players will have access to card styles, sleeves, and more avatars. Card styles are a new cosmetic that change the way cards look. In today’s update, Wizards of the Coast are adding a parallax effect with extended artwork to over 100 cards. These will be available to players through bundles, seasonal rewards, play or purchase.

If you’re interested in covering Magic: The Gathering Arena’s new update, do please let us know. You can stay up to date with the latest updates on their Twitter and Facebook pages.