Casinos in Las Vegas Nevada are struggling to meet customers needs regarding Skill Based Slot Games, this admission come from Las Vegas authorities as reported on the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Skill Based slots are being distributed in Nevada from 2015, the main difference between traditional slots being the skill factor being introduced, the house still holds a mathematical advantage over the players, but the amount of the reward is based on the player’s skill.

Games for skill based slots look like:

  • Shooters
  • Guitar Heo Lookalikes
  • Old school (tetris, space invaders, …)
  • Mach3 Games
  • Quiz and Trivia

Skill element:

  • Score System
  • Traditional slots with bonus “skill rounds”
  • Multiplayer raked games (similar to poker)

According to the chairwoman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) Sandra Morgan, the current problem is that these kind of games are not yet attractive to millennials and generation X demographics since they are not accustomed to casino floors, commenting on the esports she also said that there is a lack of push from the industry, and she complained about the uncertainty of regulators regarding cryptocurrencies.