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About VRtron

“Aim high but keep it personal!”

VRtron opened its doors on the sunny Mediterranean shores of Malta in 2014. This is the culmination of the effort and experience of Ingo Mesche – the Germany-born founder. Eventually, chance would have it that he’d move to Malta and piece together a core ensemble of creative game enthusiasts to bump heads and work their digital

magic. VRtron’s company culture is one that embraces novel technologies, flat management, and a multicultural family-like atmosphere that set the beat for highly creative individuals to engage with projects all the way from the conceptual stage up, while they continue to nurture their knowledge and skills.


Since youth, Ingo’s been gaining mileage in the game development scene in his country of origin. Following his first game launched at the age of 15, he went onto collaborate on well over 100 social games and projects, including the wildly successful Moorhuhn, termed “the most successful German PC game of all time”, with a download rate counting over 96 million to date.



Partners and Client Base



  1. Spacemax 1991 —

    Developed together with NASA the space station simulation / serious game : SPACE MAX

  2. Minigame 1992 —

    Produced the first interactive TV Show Computer game in Europe “Minigame” played via touch tone telephone

  3. Snack zone 1993 —

    Conceived the first Purpose made AD Computer Game worldwide “Snack zone” for unilever” / Birth of a new game genre

  4. Swissair Entertainment System 1996 —

    Developed the Swissair on board entertainment system with online video Slots & Keno.

  5. Moorhuhn 1998 —

    Ad game “Moorhuhn” for Johnnie walker. More than 80 million downloads, +30 Follow up titles.

  6. Volumetric Display 1998 —

    Envisioned the concept of a Volumetric Display

  7. Catch the Sperm 2001 —

    Designed the educational game “Catch the sperm” with UNICEF & Swiss government. More than 18 million downloads.

  8. Video Slots 2003 —

    Created Video Slots for Escor/Highlight Entertainment

  9. Coke Caps  2006 —

    Ad game for Coca Cola ltd.

  10. Online card game system 2007 —

    Online card game system for Eden Games with player video chat

  11. Elite Command AR 2010 —

    “Elite Command AR” for Woo Wee. First AR/VR game combining a toy gun and a mobile phone. Awarded 2011 @ The New York Toy fair : “Best of show”

  12. Volumetric Display 2010 —

    EU Grant to develop proof of concept of a Volumetric Display.

  13. Sports Social Network  2014 —

    Conceived and developed the first dedicated Sports Social Network with betting functionality.

  14. Hologram development  2014 —

    Hologram development for “75 years Batman” project.

  15. Languinis  2015 —

    First Match3 / Word game genre combination with the game “Languinis”..

Our Mission

“Aim high but keep it personal!”

No, this is no quote from an 80s shooter action flick; it embodies VRTRON’s day-to-day mission! Being one of the first indie game devs in Malta, we lead by example and strive to put out products that set the bar for the industry, and most importantly, to keep our players happy. This is why every member on the VRTRON team is committed to giving 110% at all times.

From conceptual stage all the way to shipping, it takes a watertight coordination within and between all departments, be it Programming, Art & Design, QA, Marketing, or Customer Support. Clear project goals, a collective and disciplined mindset and work ethic, and an ear to the ground for any shift in technologies and trends are integral elements of our company culture that keep us at the top of our game. We aim high and drive the results home. But that’s only one side of the story. There’s more!

A finalised game that’s clockwork perfect offers no guarantee that it’s going to be fun. We want our players to enjoy our games. This means that our team must be passionate and enthusiastic about what we do if we want to convey the same to players through engaging gaming experience. This is why before being artists, programmers, game designers, and storytellers, we’re geeks at heart with interests invested in all sorts of pop culture niches including genre fiction, video games, tabletop RPGs, film and animation, comic books, collectibles, and yes, even 80s shooter action flicks! If we’re passionate about it, then it’s personal!

Game Development

While VRTRON dabbles in different digital solutions for businesses, game development is the home where our heart rests content.

We’re always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our talent pool.

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