About Showdown

Texas Hold’em Poker spin-off strategy card game

Showdown riffs off the classic Texas Hold’em Poker variant and beefs it up with original strategy card game rules and cards. Everything is set to a highly vivid fantasy Western theme with lush visuals and animations as well as quirky characters.

This free-for-all game is designed to be an easy entry point for beginners, all the while having a steep learning curve, making mastery as fulfilling as it is challenging. This fast-paced game allows players to turn the tables on their opponent in a flash by turning a losing hand into a winning one with specific cards.

  • A new & fun twist on Texas Hold’em Poker with Secret Cards, Ability Cards & Event Cards.
  • A dazzling Fantasy Western theme with stylish visuals and animations.
  • A roster of quirky playable characters to choose from.
  • Multiplayer mode and other exciting modes to bring you and other players together.
  • Leaderboard, achievements, and many more perks.

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