Virtual Reality Game Development

VRTRON has been at the forefront of leveraging VR technology to enhance user experiences. We build VR games from the ground up and port existing games to VR, positioning ourselves as pioneers among indie developers.

Before Google Maps gained popularity, VRTRON created a VR predecessor for PC. In 2011, our core team released Space CommandAR, which, along with its AR toy gun, won awards for best design and innovation at the New York Toy Fair. Our subsequent project was an edutainment game designed in collaboration with Reveal VR called A Night in the Forum, released for PlayStation VR.

VRTRON Game Development

Augmented and Mixed Reality

AR and MR technology have made significant strides and are transforming the gaming industry and beyond. At VRTRON, we are at the forefront of this innovation, developing cutting-edge experiences that blend education and entertainment. Our upcoming virtual experience, The Other World, will bring immersiveness and mixed realities unlike any other experience, allowing dynamic changes between the real and the virtual world.

2D / 3D Animation & Design / Post-Production

VRTRON traces its roots in animation and design. Our team of artists’ skill set includes:

    • Concept Art for All Assets: From initial sketches to detailed illustrations, capturing the essence of your vision.
    • Storyboarding and Sequencing: Creating detailed storyboards and sequences to visualize the narrative flow.
    • 2D & 3D Design: Crafting characters and environments across a range of styles, from cartoon and fantasy to photorealistic.
    • Post-Production VFX: Enhancing visuals with cutting-edge post-production visual effects.
    • 2D & 3D Animation: Delivering animations from low to high polygon timed sequences to pre-rendered, triple-A film-quality sequences.
    • Low to High Polygon Modeling and Rigging: Creating detailed models and rigs for diverse applications, from games to cinematic experiences.
    • UI Assets Design: Designing user interface assets that are intuitive and visually appealing, enhancing user experience.
    • AI-Enhanced Design: Utilizing artificial intelligence to streamline design processes, enhance animations, and create more dynamic, adaptive experiences.

Game Development

We believe there’s no other way to fuel such a multidimensional creative endeavour than to make each project a labour of love. We’re passionate about games.

From the conceptual stage to post-release, we value detail and immaculate quality while keeping the big picture in sight. We know that no matter how high the bar we set, at the end, there’s very little that beats the satisfaction of seeing our games take on a life of their own and shine in the hands of our players.

Our game development skill set includes:

    • Experience with Major Game Engines: Expertise in developing on all platforms using Unity, Unreal Engine, and PhyreEngine.
    • Cross-Platform Development: Developing across hardware platforms (smart devices, PC, consoles) and digital platforms (social media, game sites, etc.)
    • Game Design Documentation: Crafting comprehensive GDD (Game Design Document), GDS (Game Design Specification), and more.
    • Narrative Writing and Integration: Creating and integrating compelling storylines into gameplay.
    • Full Back-End Programming: Providing robust back-end solutions for seamless game performance.
    • Illustrations and In-Game Art: Designing captivating illustrations and in-game artwork.
    • Comprehensive Game Planning and Design: Planning and designing all game aspects (UI, UX, characters, environments, props, etc.).
    • Thorough QA Services: Ensuring top-notch quality through rigorous QA testing.
    • In-Game Monetization: Implementing effective monetization strategies within games.
    • VR/AR/MR Integration: Optional integration of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality features.
    • Social Media Integration: Connecting games with social media platforms.
    • Publishing: Publishing through all major online app outlets (App Store, Google Play, etc.)
    • AI Integration: Utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance game mechanics, NPC behaviors, and overall player experience.

Publishing through all major online app outlets (App Store, Google Play, etc.)

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Web/Facebook Game Development

VRTRON takes advantage of the relative ease and cost-effectiveness of development for Facebook. We work hand-in-hand with our in-house marketing and community managers, looking closely at the platform’s integrated marketing tools and huge customer base reach in order to turn it into a lucrative source of revenue.

We work with custom CMS systems such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla, custom frameworks/platforms such as social network systems, PHP MVC frameworks, HTML5 Web Development and Responsive Design. Also, our team optimizes online presence by making it accessible from mobile platforms and devices through cross-platform development. Additionally, we create Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for app-like experiences, integrate with cloud services for scalable hosting, and use data analytics and AI to enhance game experiences.

VRTRON web development covers:

  • Website UX Design – User Experience and User Interface Design
  • One-Page or Multi-Page websites
  • Small, Medium to Large Scalable Websites – Scalability, Security, and Performance
  • iGaming Solutions
  • Social Networks
  • Web application with a content management system – Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla
  • HTML5 Web Design and WebGL
  • HTML5 Web Development: optimized for high performance with quick loading times, scalable and responsive
  • Responsive Design: Design for every device
  • Cross-platform Mobile Application Development
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Creating app-like experiences on web platforms
  • Cloud Integration: Utilizing cloud services for scalability and reliability
  • AI and Data Analytics: Enhancing user experience and performance through AI-driven insights