• About Languinis

    Imagine a huge prehistorical cauldron. Now, throw in a Match-3 puzzle like Bejeweled or Candy Crush and a word puzzle like Scrabble. Spice things up by adding some cute but quirky characters and some silly fun, and there you have Languinis!

    Languinis loosely borrows Aztec mythology and slaps it onto an energetic puzzle game for a fun and comical take on language creation myth. By matching three jewels or more, you reveal letters. Then, you form words and complete any of a slew of goal-based tasks. Your goal in the base game is to complete these missions and reveal new Languinis tribe members.

  • The Game

    Due to its raving reviews and wild success, Languinis has seen a huge deal of updates since first hitting app stores, These include somewhere in the range of 1000 stages, several new tribe characters, and challenges such as PvP, PvC, and multiplayer, season specials, treasure hunts, weekly letter challenge, endless mode, letter rush, leaderboards, and daily rewards.

    Join the wacky Languinis in a globetrotting naming spree and save them and the world from antagonistic forces!

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