Set The Skies on Fire with GR-ACE

We certainly are a forward-facing team. But we also believe in staying true to our roots.

Two genres we here at VRTRON grew up with are Sci-Fi and fast-paced action games, preferably combined.

Game Overview

GR-Ace is set in a not-so-distant future when intergalactic wars backed by political agendas and waged with high-grade military tech led to space colonisation. Humans and several alien races are brought together as space boundaries have been torn down. This rolls out new opportunities for space pilots to earn hard cash and fame or notoriety.

GR-Ace gives you a choice of several different playable characters with their own perks and customisable spacecrafts. Each character, with his/her own original backstory, also pushes his/her own narrative forward that will result in your character developing differently from others’ the more you play.

Once you get comfy in your pilot seat and handling your laser cannons, it’s time to go give your opponents – be they human, alien, or cybernetic forms of intelligence – a run for their space bucks. Whether you’re going solo, joining a team, or competing against others, the variety of missions and the electric achievements attached to them will keep your aircraft turbines warmed up and ready for take-off at the drop of a meteorite.

Fire up your spacecraft for some high-flying, breakneck-paced space-borne action in GR-Ace! This ‘poly-art’ stylised multiplayer action space shooter will test your mettle as you go wing-to-wing with other players or against the computer in high-risk missions while carving out your own story.

GR-Ace is VRTRON’s tip o’ the proverbial hat to the timeless classic genres of space shooters and science fiction with our own signature touch.

Write your own stellar faith and make a name for yourself that will resound across galaxies in GR-Ace!

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