On 5 March 2019 the Danish parent company of the game engine developer Unity revealed his application to The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

According to Unity’s CEO John Riccitiello half of the games developed worldwide use Unity and they are now targeting the in-game token market.

There are currently no known ways to assign objects (both physical and virtual) to unique identifiers and allow those objects to be altered, transferred, swapped, exchanged, traded, given, and associated with a location,


There is no common platform or standard of understanding on how this could be done across users, applications and environments where the tokens and their associated objects can then be manipulated by applications or users in order to form collections and trigger events based on object transformations.”

Coincidentally the digital asset tokenization startup Enjin just released an SDK dev-kit for Unity, allowing developers to integrate the distribution of ERC1155 compliant tokens on Ethereum blockchain. This will also allow interoperability, thus allowing gamers to use and share their virtual items into different games.